Five Crankbait Modifications Every Angler Needs to Know

Crankbaits seem to be a thing of mystery to some anglers, whether they can’t tune them just right or can’t figure out that one subtly to make it the “deal” for the day there is always something that makes crankbaits elusive.

Faded Glory

If you ask anybody from KVD to the reigning crankbait angler in your neck of the woods the chances of their best crankbait is one they have had tied on for weeks, months, or even

Whether its something as simple as switching out hooks or custom paint personal touches add confidence and yield results like this!
Whether its something as simple as switching out hooks or custom paint personal touches add confidence and yield results like this!

years! You may also notice that once that favorite breaks off and is replaced with the exact same new one it doesn’t quite perform the right way, well, I’m a firm believer in faded glory.

The faded crankbait can easily be achieved by throwing the new bait on the dash of your truck for a few hours a day, be careful though since you can melt the bait depending on internal temperature.

Get It Twisted

Consistently hooking up on crankbaits can be difficult for some anglers due to the smaller hook sizes most people use, but there is a way around that.

By rotating the front hook hanger the bait can usually take the next size up hook. This means a beefier hook and a better chance to keep your favorite game fish on the line.

A Little Flashy

Bringing a little flash to your crankbaits is a great way to get bites on sunny days. Adding flash is as easy as running to the craft store, picking up some holographic tape and sticking it on there.

Spinnerbait anglers preach the difference between painted blades and silver blades during different weather patterns so why wouldn’t crankbaits apply to this same theory?

Shake That Tail

This age old trick serves as a way to get a little more action out of your favorite crankbait.

Taking a little bit of lead wire and wrapping it around the rear hook will make your crankbaits move more drastically side to side while also allowing the bait to go deeper than it had before.


Stopping your crankbait right in the strike zone can mean the difference between catching fish and being frustrated all day long. Back in the day Storm brought out the Suspendots which serve as a way to put your crankbaits into the neutral buoyancy spectrum.


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