Fishsticks Scents Help Stick More Fish

We all have grown to trust that plastic worms and minnows with built in scent make fish bite better and hold on longer. Now with the Fishsticks lure enhancer in the retractable stick there is a convenient way to add that kind of extra confidence to any lure. Many scent enhancers have been on the market but only one has the distinction of being used and endorsed by KVD.

For the most part the scent enhancers on the market work well but are a hassle to use because they don’t stick well or last very long. The other main issue is the mess they create and they may even do damage to your boats finish or carpet. The Fishsticks brand looks and works just like a chapstick with no mess or waste. Each tube has up to thousands of uses and is very easy to apply. A small amount goes a long way and after an hour on a jig skirt I could still smell the product on my lure.

On a super clear water lake I put the enhancer on a spinnerbait and the number of fish that followed the bait did increase by ten times. On a jig just under the boat a school of rock bass gathered and they all took turns pecking at the lure. Most products I have a hard time proving that they get more strikes, but with the evidence I have witnessed form a lure with and one without the Fishsticks scent applied there is no doubt in my mind that fish are more attracted to a lure smeared with this product.

The days of me getting a face full of foul smelling spray in my face and all over the boat are over. This is the most convenient way I have ever seen to apply scent. The nice thing about this product is that you can apply it to any lure plastic, wood or even metal. In my experience with the Fishsticks lure enhancer I had no problem with any melting of plastics or the finish on my lures.

In recent years I have gotten away from using additional scents but with this product I just can’t think of any reason not to use it. On a tough day using Fishsticks could put a couple more fish in the boat but on a good day it might just turn into the best fishing day of your life.

Be sure to get your Fishsticks from for just $4.00. Be sure to sign up for the club using promo code “Bad Poncho”!

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