Fishhound: An Angler’s Best Friend

You may have noticed that we have been talking about a website called, you may be wondering why that is, well let me tell you. is a website dedicated to the fishing community, their main attraction is the local fishing reports that are available 24/7 and can be updated while their anglers are on the water. This allows you, the angler, to have an upper hand when it comes to tournament time since it will cut down the amount of time it takes for you to narrow down exactly what you need to do to catch the fish. As you could imagine this would make your odds of being on the fish higher, which in turn can help your chances of winning those coveted AOY trophies. Check the reports out by clicking here.

If you are more into reading or seeing what the pros have to say they have you covered there as well. Their list of contributors includes guys like Jon Storm, Bill Linder, Ron Linder, Scott Martin, Spiro Agouros, oh, and Bad Poncho Outdoors. We write a couple of blogs for the Fishhound team, one is about working on boats, the other is about product and service reviews. Check those out by clicking here.

Have you ever been a member of a group that says “SIGN UP AND GET PRODUCTS TO REVIEW!” but yet you get a cheap $2.00 crankbait or worse yet nothing at all? Well, Fishhound is one of those sites that give out products to review, but here is the twist, you get to choose what you want to review. They have great products to choose from like Snag Proof frogs, an S2 EGO Slider net, or brand new shiny Carrot Stix, if you want to go high end they also have some fly fishing reels up for grabs!

Here is how that works:

  1. Sign up for the club, this costs only $5 a month
  2. Earn Points to “unlock” products

Completion of Profile – 100pts
Monthly Club Bonus – 100pts
Adding a Fishing Report – 15pts
Adding a Photo – 10pts
Adding a Video – 10pts
Adding a Recipe – 10pts
Entering a Contest – 10pts

EGO S2 Slider Net – 600pts + $25 shipping
Can be achieved less than a week!

So head on over there and sign up for the club! Be sure to use the promo code Bad Poncho to help us continue pushing on!

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