Fenwick’s River Runner; A Legend Is Born

When looking to become a legend you must first use the tools of a legend, Fenwick knows this well. They have been pumping out the highest quality rods on the market since the 1960s and they have only been getting better, the River Runner is no exception.

Fenwick's River Runner
Fenwick's River Runner

When looking upon the River Runner you will notice the name Fenwick proudly adorned upon the rod, giving a sort of approval of excellence, meaning this rod has a lot to live up to. Innovations are something that Fenwick does quite regularly and this is no exception, they are always the first to implement enhanced processes and materials, however, quality is never sacrificed. Not only is the fit and finish outstanding but one thing that Fenwick seems to specialize in is making rods that become classics in the industry. The materials used and the process used to make this rod will make it become one of those instant classics.

The thing about the River Runner is it is supposedly meant for trout, but that doesn’t mean a thing to bass anglers, when we saw that it came in a Super Light we had to have it for our finesse fishing. When choosing a rod that you will be using for finesse fishing with light line it is important to have a rod with minimal spine wobble, so we took to testing the spine wobble, but we ran into an issue in our testing, there wasn’t any. We were honestly dumbfounded by this, it made no sense to us, we have never held a rod that doesn’t seem to have a spine. Fenwick does it again!

Then you have the reel seat, this is a very interesting approach to the seat. When using a spinning reel it seems comfortable with other rods but once you pick this up with a reel on it there is no going back. Fenwick used a Fly Fishing style seat to give the reel a more natural feel in your hand, and it works! When handling fish though your hands get wet and you will often slide around on your handle right? Well, not with this rod, they decided to put TAC rubber/cork to make the handle sticky once it gets wet, no more slipping around! For river anglers that is a huge plus! The final major advantage of the reel seat is that I don’t find myself reaching for the line like I do with other rod and reel combos, making it easier to use all day long.

Like I said earlier this rod is meant to tame trout, up here in Michigan a lot of angler like to go wade in streams and creeks for a variety of species but they can’t seem to get their fly rod going in those heavily wooded areas, this rod is awesome for that since it comes it at 6′ 2″. This rod is also fantastic for panfish, you are able to easily cast super light tackle but you can also cast those larger lures to get other species. Personally I can’t wait to get a smallie on this rod, I could see that being the best fight of my life, all thanks to Fenwick’s engineers.

One last thing to think about though, you know that middle aged guy you fish tournaments with who doesn’t say much but always has a well thought out plan to beat you. Odds are he has a Fenwick in his boat, maybe it’s time you give him a run for his money, get yours today!

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