Family Fishing Fair: Portage, MI

What a great day and a great event for children and parents alike. We spent a couple of hours this morning at Ramona Park in Portage MI at the Family Fishing Fair with two of my grandchildren and we all had a blast. We were not the only ones having fun there were hundreds of children with big smiles excited to get to the next experience. It was really nice to see so many of our young people showing such an interest in in the outdoor activities that we love so much. I have faith that the future of our resources and sports

are in good hands. I can only guess that those 100 children that got new fishing rods will be begging their parents to take them out to cast a line every chance they get.

The kids started with learning to tie a knot and they all did a great job. The instructor from the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery was awesome and told them about other fishing opportunities for them to experience. There were many park rangers, DNR officers, police and firefighters helping out the kids. What a great way for our young people to get to know all these officers for the good people that they truly are. The children showed real concern for what can happen to animals or the environment if they don’t take care of their trash properly. They all seemed to learn a lot and were anxious to move on and learn more.

The kayaks were hard to ignore they had plenty to use with little to no waiting. I had no idea that my granddaughter was so good at paddling a boat, I don’t think she knew she was either. She also impressed me with her casting as she cleared the targets after just a few practice cast. My grandson also found some fun with boats at the Family Fishing Fair, for him it was building a sailboat and watching it get blown down the track that kept his attention. There seemed to be something for everyone to do and most found several booths that they were interested in.

The kids all came home with several things to remember the experience by from the rods and reels to the information on the environment and how they can make a difference. This is one of those events you just don’t want to miss if you have children you might want to get interested in the outdoors. Good job to everyone involved and thank you all for a great day!

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