Faculty Of Fishing, Closing A Chapter

Day after day being out on the lake is as relaxing as it can get, but some anglers want to take the next step. The issue these anglers may face though is remaining competitive against the people who have fished professionally for a number of years. While the newer anglers won’t have the experience, they do have the resource with the most videos, tips, and information out there and that resource is Faculty of Fishing.

Admittedly I will say that when I first saw the courses I said to myself “Why would I do that, I can learn this stuff myself.” I was quickly shown just how wrong I was. Within the first section of lessons I learned a ton, enough that made me stop and think about my previous comment, and you know what, before I knew it I am sitting here today, a graduate of their Professional Angler program, jam packed with information that will suit me during my first tournament season.

The final section of this course is the information that every angler and especially tournament anglers will want to pay particular attention to, so let’s get into it already!

When advancing to this part of the course you will be greeted by learning about the weather and how it affects the fish. Tournament anglers and recreational anglers know that this is vital to being able to locate fish, especially those finicky bass. This lesson goes into how warm and cold fronts will change the behavior of fish; it even goes into how visibility inside the water will be altered during certain conditions and how the angler can exploit that to produce that elusive kicker.

Once you get yourself familiar with how the weather affects the fish’s behavior you will then be able to get their general whereabouts, but that simply isn’t good enough. Faculty of Fishing will teach you how to use that expensive SONAR unit you have mounted to your boat to ensure you have a more than successful day out on the water. As many anglers know the ability to effectively use their electronics can mean the difference of first place and second place, or bragging rights with your buddies at the dock.

Once you locate those fish on your SONAR though there are three ways to present that lure; trolling, casting, and vertical. Being able to use the right presentations in the right circumstances can prove to be paramount when trying to locate fish, or catch them once you have found them. These lessons all go in-depth with how each of these methods will benefit the angler in certain situations, I would love to go into this lesson deeper but I could literally write a book about each subject.

Fishing is family affair, take it to the next step and educate the next generation.

The final lesson of the course is patterning, this is the most important element of fishing. Knowing how to pattern fish will make or break the angler, just ask Roland Martin! This final lesson goes over how to pattern fish throughout the year; if you were to take notes throughout the Faculty of Fishing program, your notebook would be full but you better save a few pages for this lesson. Faculty of Fishing truly brings it all together and this lesson completes the puzzle to becoming a successful angler.

Throughout my time taking the Pro Angler course I learned more than I would have had I done it all the hard way, like my father. Having this resource has allowed me to catch up to his 20+ years of experience and will serve us in our upcoming tournament season, I even caught him looking over my shoulder during these lessons trying to catch what was going on. The cool thing about these courses is that my father signed up and got hooked.  Now I often hear him in the next room going “Hmm, Interesting” and “Yeahhh, that makes sense!” I would heavily advise these courses for any angler; want a great gift for father days or high school or college graduation, then let Faculty of Fishing help them learn what is needed to catch more fish, no matter your skill level!

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