EPA Gives $4.7 Million to Clean Up Great Lakes

Word on the street is that the EPA awarded $4.7 million in grants to various groups and agencies to provide funds to clean up the great lakes, personally we are happy to see the EPA spend its money, and our money, like this.

The money will be split up in 12 grants and handed out to 11 groups under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The program may be better known as the one that Obama’s administration put in place to deal with the environmental problems of the region. The program was established to manage things like environmental destruction, invasive species, and pollution. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is set up as a group of 11 federal agencies; the idea behind the agency is to keep the environment clean and safe.

Not only did the EPA splurge and gave up some money for Great Lakes clean-up, they also gave approximately $281,600 to Michigan Tech University for mapping algae blooms in the big lakes. They also awarded $247,100 to Central Michigan University to establish gull exclusion zones on beaches.

When the EPA split from the MIDNR we were unsure that the EPA was still going to keep on with a DNR-esk agenda, we are glad to see that the EPA is doing what they set out to do in the first place, to help the environment.

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