Denali Rods: Rod Building At Its Peak

Anglers are always looking for the latest and greatest no matter what piece of equipment it is. After spending hours on the net looking for a new and innovative rod company I found one. That company is Denali Rods based out of Arkansas.

The Denali Rods are unique in that they use lightweight new-age materials while also utilizing the oldest of materials, wood. Denali used exotic wood on their foregrips to better transfer vibration to the angler’s hands. Not only does Denali bring specially made hardwood foregrips to the table but they also bring patented ringlock guides which hold the guides in place by having them “snap” into place versus just being glued in. As if that isn’t enough these custom built rods carry a limited lifetime warranty. Denali Rods come in a selection of flavors; Jadewood, Rosewood, Noirwood, and the Signature Series.
Jadewood Denali Rods

This is the introductory series for Denali, they offer the high standards of a custom rod at about the $100 price range which puts it into the heart of most angler’s budgets. The Jadewood is available in 9 configurations that are all technique specific which will make selecting a rod for newer anglers a breeze. The rod is equipped with the ringlock guides which allow your halide ceramic guides to stay in place for the life of the rod. The grip is where the Denalis really shine though. The rear grip consists of high quality ergonomic hard EVA foam configured into a split-grip to give a solid feel and a slight weight reduction. The reel seat is an industry standard graphite reel seat which offers an easy transition from your current rod to the Denali line. The main focus of the Denali line is the hardwood foregrip that allows all of their blanks to go from industry standard to most sensitive on the market.
Rosewood Denali Rods

The Rosewood line is the middle to upper class of the Denali Rod line with 13 rods in the lineup that come in with a price of about $200. Using a high modulus BSTI-10 blank using patented ALPS Light XN guides that are 28% lighter than the average guide on the market while being made with SS316 Stainless Steel. Like the Jadewood the Rosewood comes with the ringlock guides to keep those oh-so important guides in place. While the price tag may scare some anglers this rod is truly worth it. The cork split-grip handle is made from Portuguese Cork, which is some of the best in the world, the cork offers a super light handle while also giving anglers an easy to pick up feel. On the Rosewood series Denali uses exotic hardwood for the foregrip to give anglers the most sensitive rod on the market, that is except for the Noirwood.
Noirwood Denali Rod

If you want to be at the very top of the pile the Noirwood is your rod. The Noirwood series uses ultra-light carbon fiber handles which will allow the angler to feel more vibration in the rod than ever before thanks to the direct contact that EVA and cork can never reproduce. Using the same guides as the Rosewood the Noirwood comes in as the lightest and the most sensitive rod on the lineup while offering one of the longest lives of any rod on the market. The rod itself is made of a super high modulus, high strain rate carbon fiber graphite blend that will allow you to tell when you are moving that jig from a blade of grass to sand to a piece of gravel. If you are looking for the pinnacle of fishing rods the Noirwood boasts super hard exotic hardwood foregrips that will show you exactly why it is worth looking into. With the Denali standard split-grip the Noirwood comes in at a price of around $380 and like the other Denali rods it carries a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment.
Signature Rods - Michael Murphy Mark Tyler - Denali Rods

Denali’s prostaffers Michael Murphy and Mark Tyler use the Rosewood rods as a base for their signature series and tweaked them just enough to make them really pop. Mark Tyler’s rod is a multipurpose 7′ 4″ Heavy casting rod, this rod comes in handy for the guys and gals that fish as a co-angler because it can cut down on the number of rods that you will need to carry. Then you have the Michael Murphy rods, both are 6′ 8″ rods one in casting, the other in spinning both are in Medium to allow for the perfect jerkbait rod.

Overall Denali has stuck out to us as a strong new competitor in the rod industry that could stand with the likes of Loomis in a short period of time. Don’t forget to get your Denali rod from the Bad Poncho store!

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