Deer Hunter 2014 Review: Going Mobile

The now is starting to fly and deer season is here! Whether you have already filled your freezer or are “chilling out” in a treestand/blind there is still a way to pass the time, games. Since you’re reading this I’d assume you’re into hunting so let’s also assume you like hunting games. That is where Deer Hunter 2014 comes in.

Offering a beautifully rendered piece of art directly to your smartphone and/or tablet is an awesome thing. It wasn’t long ago when consoles and computers couldn’t even render something Deer Hunter 2014this brilliant. While Deer Hunter 2014 isn’t a true hunting simulation game it does offer something to pass the time, which is the goal.

With gameplay similar to the old Deer Drive arcade games you’ll be spending your hours lining up lung and heart shots using the x-ray vision. This does offer some interesting aspects but the game can only really be completed with the x-ray functionality.

Most of the missions have you aiming for the heart of said critter, this is usually a “one and done” kind of thing taking seconds to complete, the difficult part is when they have you taking multiple animals with heart shots, especially when those animals go haywire and turn you into the prey.

Deer Hunter 2014 also offers weapon customization which is vital to make it through the game, the thing many hunters might not find appealing is the use of “Assault Rifles” to take down 15 Zebra or 12 Whitetail, instilling the thought that hunters are whacking entire herds during each hunt.

Overall I’d say this game is a solid “time waster”, plus the price tag makes it pretty accessible. If you can afford free that is, and I’m betting you can. So check it out and kill a little time!

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