Death Shimmer Spinnerbaits: Vibration Innovation


Most of the time when people talk about their innovative new spinnerbaits the differences are slight or non-existent, not the case with the Deathshimmer. The moment you first see the Death Shimmer you know this is not like the old faithful spinnerbait you usually throw; the freaky bent wire is like nothing we have seen before.

There is more to the oddly bent wire than just looks after tons of testing they found out how to make this spinnerbait vibrate like none other. This massive amount of vibration also translates into an insane amount of flash giving this lure more of what makes a spinnerbait effective. We found this spinnerbait to be highly effective in low-light conditions like night fishing or in 1-3ft visibility waters.

While fishing with the Death Shimmer I found it to be effective at a wide range of speeds, from the slow thump of a traditional Colorado night bait, to the high speeds of a willow bladed clear water spinner all while giving off vibration that leaves no doubt when a fish hits your offering. There is another use for this unique spinner that I didn’t expect, that being using it as a drop or vertical bait, on the fall this lure stays upright and you can still feel the vibration that it has become known for.

Vibration innovation is what this bait is all about, on the first cast you will see this is not just another spinnerbait but a whole new class of all purpose fish catching technology brought to you by Law Lures.

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