Damiki’s Electrifying DC 100

In a world full of cookie cutter crankbaits Damiki has found a way to make a crankbait with a noticeable difference. I have often felt that I needed a compact crankbait to trigger fish in certain water conditions. The problem with other compact cranks is that they are light to very light making them hard to cast and control. The Damiki DC 100 weighs in at a hefty half ounce and measures a mere 2 inches putting it in a class by its self. With its relatively small size and big weight the DC 100 casts very well as far as distance and accuracy.

The DC 100 has another distinct advantage over most other 2 inch crankbaits and that is the ability to work properly at a wide range of speeds. Most small light weight crankbaits can only be worked very slowly or they tend to lose their wobble or even jump out of the water. Getting a micro crank to dive very deep can also be an issue that you won’t have with this Damiki DC100. The DC 100 is classified as a slow floating model so there is very little compromise with many performance benefits.

The DC 100 has a weight transfer system that aids in both casting distance and accuracy. Though unique it is similar to that found in the very expensive competitors, and at a mid-range price. The enticing wobble of this crankbait is really more of a rolling action than a side to side or tail wag again something just a little different. Being different is what should earn this lure a spot in many anglers tackle boxes.

The hooks are well thought out being the right size and made of the right size wire to be deadly effective. The smooth pointed shape of the lure makes it almost impossible for a fish to hit it without getting a mouth full of treble. The hooks on the DC 100 will get a good workout with a nice array of natural colors that the fish can’t resist. From baitfish colors to crayfish patterns you can probably find one for most conditions. We found this lure would go though most types of cover better than expected and that is a surprise that will definitely earn the lure more time in the water while catching you more fish.

Whether you earn your Damiki DC 100 from Fishhound.com or buy it at your local tackle shop we think you’ll find this one is a keeper!

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