Dad Poncho, Yeah, Another Writer

Name: Robert R Taylor II

Age: 46

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Occupation: Painter

Being 46 years old and a long time outdoorsman I’ve had many opportunities to experience the great outdoors. Over these years I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two worth sharing, some from trial and error, some from the experience of others. When it comes to hunting and fishing I know I don’t know everything, and I know I will never know everything, but I think what’s worth knowing is worth sharing.

Even though I only fished or hunted a couple dozen times before I turned 18, I still remember every moment vividly. About this time in my life I started to meet a lot more people interested in the outdoors. New brother-in-laws, neighbors, co-workers and friends made an outdoor adventure possible whenever I wanted. I’ve tried to experience as many of the different types of fish and game in our area, sometimes just for a trip or two, some I’ve taken more near obsession. Picking a favorite would be hard because like most of us, I’m guessing, this changes with the season. That being said I get out to fish for bass the most. That’s probably why I’ve taken it the most serious and the farthest. Of course this means tournaments, with some success I might add. After three years with our local club (Hawg Hunters near Kalamazoo) with my wife’s brother as my partner we captured three consecutive team of the year trophies, one classic, and twice big fish of the year. Not to say we were the best or anything just to let you know I have a clue.

As age and experiences start to pile up I’ve noticed my top 10 memories list is changing. Instead of the focus being on my biggest fish or bag of fish. I seem to spend more time remembering what I was able to share with others. There is nothing like the look on someone’s face when you help them get their first or biggest of something. As these stories unfold some of you will recognize them and I think most of you will relate to them.

Collaborating with my son on this project is really special to me. We’ve got plans for a lot of new adventures. Can’t wait to share them with you, but for now thanks son he always makes time to take me fishing.

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