Create A Buzz With Your Own Assassin

From Maine to Texas anglers rely on buzzbaits for that big bass of a lifetime; be it for getting the paycheck at the weigh-ins or just being out on the lake with family. Either way you look at it, the buzzbait is a big bass bait!

We can talk about it all we want but as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"

That idea was proven by Dustin Wilks in the May 2010 issue of Bassmaster Magazine. Dustin set the record for the “Day on the Lake” series using an Assassinator Baits buzzbait. The record he set weighed in at 28lb 15oz, breaking the old record by 5oz. Dustin Wilks isn’t the only angler that relys on the Assassinator buzzbait to make a living out on the water.

Back in April we hooked up with a friend down on Guntersville, his name is Jake Davis. Jake has been a guide down on Guntersville for over ten years now which means he knows the body of water he fishes and the gear he uses intimately. In May of 2011 Jake went back to putting his name back on the Assassinator line by becoming VP of Business Development. Having somebody that high up in the company that fishes the gear every day truly means that you as the consumer receive a product that is thoroughly tested and proven before it ever gets to you.

Alright, one last story before we get down to the details! Back on June 24 we headed out with my Uncle to Gun Lake in Shelbyville, MI, and wow did this thing perform! As soon as we hit the lake dad dove into my tackle box and before I knew it he had the Assassinator buzzbait tied on and was fishing it, mainly to show me “what’s what” as he put it. He had his work cut out for him being as he was fishing between two guys using spinnerbaits with big Colorado blades, but yet the bait proved itself over and over

Dad showing off his smallie to the camera, my uncle was not amused as you can see.

again! ¬†Every so often I would see him tweaking the bait, which we all know that it is very important to be able to tweak a buzzbait, and with every tweak came a bigger and bigger fish, until the monster came. By the end of the night my Uncle Kurt and I are tired and hungry, dad kept on with his “just till the end of this line” until the buzzbait stopped buzzing, then all you could hear was “SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!” coming from a 5lb smallie that snagged the bait from him, on Billy Westmoreland’s favorite color no-less! After that we were sure that these Assassinator buzzbaits have earned a place in our box.

Ok, so you now know the background of our wet test, which means that you see it works, right? Well now it’s time we show you why it works.

The Frame; this piece of the bait has 3 major features:

  1. When you pick up a buzzbait to use on the lake you want to make sure that it is easy to adjust but won’t go out of whack when a bass strikes it, Assassinator knows this well. Throughout our time with this bait it was easy to adjust but even the 5lb smallie didn’t mess with the tweaks.
  2. The built in aggressive half-inch drop in the frame makes it so that the blade is further from the head to ensure better hook-ups.
  3. The last major feature of the frame is the loop behind the delta blade, this is there to accommodate an in-line quick-clip spinnerblade, this is something that you will want to keep an eye on!

The Head: This part of the bait is something again that is unique, simple, and very effective. The head on the bait is layed out in a horizontal fashion to act as a kind of hydrofoil to get the bait up to the surface faster, and while doing that it also helps to aid in stability.

Extras: For the things we haven’t mentioned, like the delta blade, the skirt, the hook, and the 3/0 Mustad trailer hook(which comes with every buzzbait) all we can really say about them is that they are proven! While they aren’t really all that innovative we can comfortably say that we wouldn’t have this particular buzzbait any other way.

The Assassinator Buzzbaits come in 7 heart-stopping colors, get yours by clicking the image below!

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