Countdown to Thanksgiving with theHunter

For those of you that have already harvested your buck or will be spending the next few days in a nice comfy chair our friends over at theHunter have a message to share!

Even if it’s only our hunters from the US that celebrates thanksgiving this week we thought it was a fantastically good reason for us to have a countdown to celebrate this fine holiday. So we’ve set up no less than four turkey hunt competitions. A new one starting every day until Thursday.

Thanksgiving trophy

Turkey hunting is free for all players until Thursday!

We’ve also put together a pretty sweet offer related to this. A turkey bundle, containing:
12 GA Side by side Shotgun
3×12 GA Shells (Birdshot)
Turkey Box Caller
All of this at 25% off the original price.

If you only want the Side by side Shotgun, the 12 GA Shells (Birdshot), or the Turkey Box Caller, you can get those for 20% less until Thursday.

Happy turkey hunting!

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