Cleaning Up With the Finesse Miki

When it comes to hearing about new and unique products there is one place anglers are starting to look, Asia, Damiki is holding to the tradition of not being traditional. Damiki is a relatively new company here in the states but it started out its 2008 season showing us exactly what they have to offer. That is where the Finesse Miki comes in.

The Finesse Miki is one that caught my eye very quick due to its rather unique body attributes. The entire design of the bait just screams “dare to be different” and that is something that many anglers are craving when it comes to laying money on the line. The Finesse Miki features a thick ribbed head, allowing anglers to use a larger EWG hook or even a drop shot hook without worrying that you won’t have enough plastic to get a firm grip. Moving onto the tail section you will notice that the majority of the bait is thin and ends in a deep cupped tail. The cup gives the Finesse Miki some of the most intriguing actions since you can either make it flap around like crazy or just allow the current to subtly move it around.

This is definitely a bait that I would advise co-anglers to use since it is one of the most versatile finesse worms on the market, I have noticed that the Finesse Miki preforms very well on the back of a jig head and on a shaky head set up. Having the ability to control the action is everything when it comes to finesse fishing, overall the Finesse Miki gives the anglers superior control over the bait which translates into being able to be exact with your presentation.

Get your Finesse Miki from, be sure to use the promo code “BAD PONCHO“.

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