Clam Bigfoot Xl 2000 Ice Fishing Shelter Review


Well it looks like the cold weather is here to stay for a while, but don’t let that keep you from fishing an ice shelter can keep you way more comfortable in the icy winds and frigid temps. If you would like to squeeze a few more days of fishing into your season an ice shelter is a must. If you have unlimited funds just go pick out one you like and swipe your card, but if you are like most of us value is important ( a dollar saved is a dollar we can spend on other gear).

Clam XL2000At the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi, MI this year I was impressed by the number of shelters available but this did present a problem with choosing which shelter is the right one to purchase. If you fish by yourself all the time you can narrow your choices dramatically by looking at single man shelters. If you fish by yourself sometimes and sometimes with others you will need to put some more thought into your decision.

The Clam XL 2000 was our choice for our one size fits all uses for a few reasons. Reason #1: The XL 2000 can easily be set up by one man if needed, very important if you are alone. #2 plenty of room for multiple anglers, with 56 square feet of interior space there is plenty of elbow room for up to 4 anglers. #3 Price point at less than $250 you will be hard pressed to find this much space and convenience for the money. #4 Clam has been making ice shelters for a very long time, they know what works.

The XL 2000 offers some feature that we learned to appreciate right off the git-go like the oversized carry bag. This made for quick and easy stowing, in the cold and wind no one wants to fiddle around trying to put their shelter away. The 80 inch ceiling is a nice touch also allowing you to stand up and stretch without having to leave the warmth of the shelter. The super tough 600 denier fabric will hold up to years of use and is twice the thickness of comparably priced units. The heart of any pop-up hub shelter is of course the hubs and these are the largest in the industry. Strong flex tested 11 mm poles finish off a superior shelter at a price that can’t be matched. The oversized skirt makes for easy banking to prevent wind blowing up your skirt. A weak spot in most shelters is the pole pockets but not here triple layered material will keep this shelter preforming like new long after other have become scrap.

With its many features and few flaws at an unbeatable price the Clam Bigfoot XL 2000 is a top choice to keep you warm and dry on the ice when others have retreated to their sofas wishing they were fishing.


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