6 Tips For Drought Proofing Food Plots

This time of year means that parts of the whitetails’ range are or could soon be under a drought. Following these six steps for drought proofing food plots could mean the difference between having some food for deer or a complete withered failure. Select the right location. You can’t just select any open spot and expect success. As an example, …

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Yamaha Outdoors Tips – Public Land Waterfowling

By Bob Humphrey Public land waterfowling can be a nightmare or a pleasure. Much depends on how you and other hunters behave. There’s not much you can do about others, but if you follow a few guidelines of common sense and common courtesy, your neighbors might be more inclined to do so as well. Then everyone can have a more …

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Passing On Young Bucks Now Means Bigger Bucks Later

Taming the temptation to harvest the first thing with antlers that walks into range is not something easily done for most deer hunters. But recent data indicate that Oklahoma hunters are harvesting fewer yearling bucks. Indeed, deer hunters are realizing that each time they pull the trigger or let an arrow fly, they are making a management decision that can …

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