Catch A Hog With The Wiggle Wog

Frog fishing is another one of those techniques that has made a major resurgence in the last couple of years. With all of the new hollow body frogs on the market it is time to first give credit to the originals that started the craze many years ago that being Snagproof. Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about a way to be a little different. If the fish in your area seem to be getting used to the standard style hollow frog Snagproof has a way to get the fish to start biting like it’s the first time that have ever seen a hollow body. Enter the Wiggle Wog!!!

The time we spent with the Wiggle Wog was pretty fun though, at first I wasn’t convinced this lure was ever going to produce because it looks kind of “funny”. As the weeds started to die down this fall and there were more open pockets in our favorite lily fields and grass beds the frogs we have been using didn’t seem to be getting as many hook-ups as they did earlier in the season. After changing colors and cadence with the fish still looking but not taking our offering it was time to try the Wiggle Wog. Sometime a little wiggle can make all the difference in getting attention.

The Wiggle Wog can be used or thrown anywhere that you might use any hollow body frog but there is a difference in the look and action. At rest the swimbait style tail taunts fish in a similar way to other tails but with a different look that can really help to entice strikes from fish that have been hooked on standard frogs before. While the bait is moving the action is very different from any other hollow body that we have ever seen. There is something entertaining about watching the lure wag its tail like a happy puppy.

We all know that frogs and swimbaits are both known to catch big fish and the Wiggle Wog is a little of both, sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Snagproof also added a glass rattle and 4/0 double owner hooks, more than enough reason to get you to give the lure a try. Pick this one up from Fishhound and were sure you will have plenty of big fish pictures to share with us maybe even the biggest fish of your life.

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