Bruiser Baits Rad Shad Is Exactly That

Twitch baits have been around for quite some time now and most try to do what the Slugo does so well, that side to side gliding action. Most of the time companies that have tried to improve on the twitch bait by putting a tail on have compromised the action if not completely ruined it in their pursuit to make them better. This not the case with the Bruiser Baits Rad Shad.

The Rad Shad has enhanced the action and has a killer tail that allows for some of the best action out of a twitch bait. This is the easiest twitch bait to get the right action out of I have seen yet, with the slightest movement of the rod this little minnow lure darts from side to side and will even make a complete circle if you throw enough slack line back at it. For my money no lure looks as real as a twitch bait that is worked properly and this Rad Shad is the best we have seen for ease of use and performance. All of the issues we have had with other twitch baits have been addressed and corrected by the crew at Bruiser Baits. Even the Slugo has its issues for me, the sizes of the Slugo are either too small to throw or too big for some applications. The one size offered of the Rad Shad is perfect for numbers of small fish or that bruiser kicker fish alike. The main problem people usually have with a lure of this type is that it can be hard to get a good hook set through all of that plastic. The Rad Shad has just enough plastic to give you the proper profile needed and a very well designed slot to make hook sets a breeze. Most twitch baits are very particular about which hook needs to be used. Again not a problem with this bait a wide variety of hooks will work very well with the Rad Shad. Rigging the Rad Sad is very easy with a texpossed style or skinned hooked for very heavy cover.

At first look I could tell this was going to work better than the others I have tried and when I used it I was not disappointed. The Rad Sad is not nearly as particular about how you twitch it as others. This gives you the opportunity to customize the retrieve to suit your needs or the fishes wants. With short slow pulls and a semi slack line the lure will move mostly sideways allowing you to keep it in the strike zone longer. The ability to walk the dog as slow and wide or fast and narrow is priceless so one rigged bait can cover a wide range of cover. My time on the water with the Rad Shad went just as if it were scripted with the fish from under docks rushing out to meet the lure with little to no hesitation. Fish coming up from the deep water were just as cooperative and this is where the ability to use many different hook sizes really comes into play a light wire hook is great if you want to keep the bait near the top or a heavy 5/0 EWG will allow the bait to sink deeper faster without compromising the action. Today was my first day using the Rad Shad and I caught bass as small as 8 inches and a northern pike over 30 inches just to show the range of this tool. Fish were also caught in a few inches of water and over 20 feet. As if the versatility of this lure is still not enough for you after many fish were caught and the front half of the bait was destroyed I found the back half of the bait makes an awesome spinnerbait trailer.

Very often if you find a lure that you like that works well you can expect to pay a premium price. Bruiser Baits will charge you a fair price for this great product at around 4 bucks for a pack of 8. If you want an even better deal just sign up at using Bad Poncho as a promo code they will let you choose these or many other great products to test and keep.

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