BPO Top 5: Commercials in Bass Fishing

As an angler on social media we’re bombarded by new products and advertisements 24/7, but some companies truly stand out. Whether they’re memorably awesome or you just can’t get that terrible piece of cinema out of your brain we’ve collected the top 5 most memorable pieces of advertisement in the fishing industry.

Rapala “Getaway”

Rapala has produced some of the most notable pieces of advertisement in recent memory but the Getaway stands out for being the most unique. Carmichael Lynch struck it right with this could-be superbowl ad featuring a largemouth in a Camaro attempting to evade the cops, only the fish can’t resist the temptations of a Rapala.

Strike King Bait Shop 

Denny Brauer and Kevin VanDam aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves and the sport with ShaZam Productions made bait shop commercial. This commercial sees Denny and Kevin at odds as Denny asks for a Sexy Shad crankbait, of course Kevin refuses before offering Denny a signature lollipop. If those lollipops are anything like the infamous VanDam cookies Brauer should just take it and run!

Bill Dance “Don’t Do That”

This one has spread from our office to our family. Bill Dance is known for having rather bad luck so we can assume he knows what he’s talking about when he says “Don’t do that.” Anglers are constantly breaking rods and Bill Dance’s remark is exactly what we all need to do, or rather don’t do.

Evinrude Stripping

There are some companies you don’t expect humor from and I’d throw Evinrude into group, fortuntely though somebody over there has a funny bone with this ad. Be warned, running flat out with your Evinrude may cause reduction of clothing.

Berkley Nanofil

This is one that slipped under the radar for a lot of people, but did stir up some trouble with a couple of womens groups. Whether male or female Berkley Nanofil is known to cast farther than your grandad’s mono and this little girl will show you how its done.

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