BowJax Review: Jacking Up Your Archery

BowJax Review

Keeping your bow quiet is a constant struggle for most hunters, it seems like no matter what hunk of “dampening” rubber you throw on there it still has that distinct twang. Not too long ago I began working at the local Gander Mountain as the archery and fishing supervisor, it was here that I was introduced to the BowJax brand.

Shooting the standard Vibracheck on my PSE didn’t do much except look cool but the instant I wedged in the Revelations I noticed an immediate difference. I’m not just talking the twang here but also the vibration in the handle itself. As many of you know with a PSE your hand rests directly on the riser so every vibration is felt.

While the Revelations by themselves work great I also picked up the UltraJax II, with these you do need to press the bow to slide them over the string but the average cost of that is minimal if you don’t have a connection at an archery shop.

Don’t worry though, if you are shooting a solid limb bow that have you covered as well! Using the ol’ LimbJax or SlimJax is literally as easy as peel and stick, which let’s be honest, is pretty cool. For your strings they also have String Sleeves with are essentially pre-done speed nocks, SlipJax, and the UltraJax I system, all of these need to be pressed on.

Let’s not forget to give the riser a little love. Beginnign with the RiserJax these work to take vibration directly out of the riser itself. You also have the BigJax which mounts to the Cable Guard to dampen where the cable transfers vibration. Finally we have the stabilizer, the MaxJax is just a simple screw on operation, if you have your heart set on your current stabilizer they also have MaxJax dampeners that actually fit over your current stabilizer.

Finally we have the crossbow kit. I can’t count how many of these I have installed. The kit comes with two LimbJax, four string/cable SlipJax, and a retention spring dampener. I have put these on just about every crossbow out there for the 2013 season and let me tell you it is our biggest seller at Gander Mountain for initial crossbow sales.

Enough talk though, let’s see these bad boys in action!

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