Bowfishing, It’s Not Just For Fun

We here at Bad Poncho Outdoors are heavily invested in protecting the resources that nature has given us, this is why we have taken a short break recently. With the issues of invasive species in North American water, Asian carp has been a major focus but another major issue is the common carp.

The common carp has many ways that they can ruin our bodies of water, but our main focus is that they are found in all of the lower 48. This means that they have changed the ecosystem in countless bodies of water, which is truly unacceptable, especially when considering their lifecycle.

Pro-Staff Member Mike Roberts went out and got some awesome carp!

Some people have said that common carp can live up to 50 years, but 15 years is more of a common number for a carp to live in the wild. In the case of females though they only need to reach the age of three to drop eggs, and males only need to reach the age of two to fertilize those eggs, that translates into a population that can expand rapidly. The scary thing about the carp is that once the female is grown they can drop an excess of 100,000 eggs, huge carp can sometimes carry around 1,000,000 eggs. Not only does the raw population cause issues for a body of water, the life style of the carp also causes numerous issues.

Now, every angler knows that bass need vegetation and clean water, much like any other species of game fish, carp are not like these other species. The common carp, like bass, do need vegetation for survival, but the carp actually eat the vegetation which can and will eventually clear most of the vegetation in a smaller body of water. During the process of feeding these carp leave behind a slime that makes it hard to even run a spinnerbait through, not only that but they stir up sediment in the water so that the future generations of carp will have a better chance of survival. Now that we know what these fish do to the water it is time to talk about management.

Recently bowfishing has become larger and larger, contrary to what you might hear this is very good for our water ways. The flooding of bowfishing tournaments on lakes has helped to bring down the numbers of carp in the water which in turn helps to re-establish a strong population of game fish. With companies like PSE-Archery bringing out bows like the Nova and the Barracuda they offer the chance for anybody to jump into the sport of bowfishing with a top-of-the-line bow for a low price. Get out there and do your part for management, and don’t forget to post up your kills on the Bad Poncho Outdoors Facebook!

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