Blue Water LED Lighting Review

The Blue Water LED lights are something I have talked a lot about in the last year on Facebook and in person with many of you. Now that I have used them for a full season I feel I can give an honest assessment on their performance and usefulness. Let’s just cut to the chase I love having these lights on my Blue Water LED Bad Poncho Outdoorsboat! Everyone that sees my rig lit up comments on how cool it looks. If you are one of those up and coming tournament fisherman out there Blue Water LED lights will help to get you noticed guaranteed.

The installation of these lights is much simpler than I would have ever imagined with the cool colored deck lights taking just over an hour to install. One of the main reason I waited for the season to end to do this review was I needed to be sure the light strips would still be where I put them after all the abuse of a year on the water. The lights are still there and still working fine. The simple to install adhesive strips can be installed by anyone in a few seconds with great results.

I was pretty sure the adhesive would work well on the deck lights on the inside of the boat but the real test was the high output UV light we put on the outside. After 40 tanks of gas and countless rough water days the lights are still there and looking as cool as ever. There are other ways to mount the Bluewater lights that you can find videos of online but we found the adhesive to be totally adequate and way easy. It doesn’t matter if you have the oldest boat at the lake with these lights turned on the cool factor of your boat will rival that of the newest model on the market.

I would like to address some of the most commonly asked questions I get from people admiring my lighting. The most common is if the bugs bother me with the lights on, for the most part the bugs seem to stay lower near the lights and not up in my face. And with the lights stretched all over the boat they don’t seem to swarm in one spot, so I would say it makes the annoyance of bugs even less than without them. There always seems to be one person in every crowd that says they don’t see how the lights help you catch fish. I have found that they have absolutely helped me catch more fish and make me a better fisherman. For one thing I am more excited about getting to the lake early and to stay later. Getting rigged up in the dark in the morning is much more efficient than holding a flashlight in my mouth.

Many tournaments I am the director, if someone needs to find me one quick scan around the lake and you know where I’m at, this eliminates anglers wasting their valuable time making for happier participants and a better turn out for the next event. If you are a line watcher fishing in the dark hours can be very frustrating, just turn on the high output UV lights and you line is even more visible than in the daylight.

For the price of a fishing rod you can make your boat stand out and be more efficient something all your hard earned sponsors will surely appreciate. Light it up!!

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