Big Bear Rod Review

Good day everyone, this is Jason Cossey for Bad Poncho Outdoors and I would like to tell you all about my time spent with my first Big Bear rod. First of all, I was a bit skeptical when I saw pictures of  the newfangled grip on the website, I just had to contact the company and ask about them. The response was very simple and made sense so I  had to place an order! So here is my review.

Big Bear
Check out that Big Bear branding!

When a tube shows up at any angler’s house there is a great sense excitement that goes along with it and is kind of like Christmas day getting those rods out of there as quickly as possible, you all know what I’m talking about. So I get them unwrapped and get the first one in my hands and right then I knew I had something good. I had to get my reel mounted on there quickly and get the feel of things right away, and I was impressed!

The first, and main one I needed at that point was a 6’6″ medium fast, I noticed the inlay of Big Bear immediately, as it is neat and really caught my eye. As I continue to look at the split grip design I noticed it is marked on the top what the rod is for quick reference an really like that because when they are laying on the boat reel up I can reach straight down and pick it up; thanks to a little OCD I like all of my rods to match. As I turn this rod over there it is stamped big and proud MADE IN THE USA! NICE!

Now, let’s move to the line guides. I noticed they didn’t use the old ceramic guides like other companies are using, the all metal design is something I like as I am kind of hard on equipment being a guide and tournament angler. I think it is less wear using braid and you don’t have to worry about the ceramic breaking, cracking or falling out under heavy use.

Next is the weight of the rod and balance. These Big Bears are feather light and well balanced! Sensitive as anyone could ask for and I knew that fast tip would be a winner when fishing my jerk bait and top waters soon. Then there are the rubber grips that you can’t help but notice from the pictures. These grips are soft and the blank goes all the way through keeping the sensitivity and adding comfort!

Now let’s take them to the lake! First thing I did with my new Big Bear 6’6″ medium fast is tie on full size jerk bait with 10 lb mono. Within a couple of casts I realize that I have just been converted. It was about 33 degrees starting out and that grip actually warmed to the same as my hands and provided grip that is unmatched by anything I have picked up ever. Foam and cork has nothing on these bad boys!

So in a little while comes the first strike of the day. I felt everything that happened from the end of the handle through the rod and to the bait, it was awesome! The rod has a fast tip as to not pull the hooks out on my jerk bait but enough backbone to muscle a four pounder into my boat. Right then I was absolutely impressed by the feel and the action of playing a nice fish!

Next test, fish slime…and this thing passed with flying colors as I did not even wipe my hands and made another cast. Believe me my old cork handle days are done. No slip full grip and it cushioned my hand for less fatigue.

So if you are in the market for a new set of high quality rods at a price that won’t break the bank go to I promise you will be impressed just like I was. As for me I have fish to catch and all of this talk has given me the urge to go float around and sling some baits with my new Big Bear Rods. Remember to take a kid fishing, I would rather see them casting lines than doing drugs. I will talk with you all soon! Thanks for reading my ramblings on the rods i’ll be using this season.

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