Berkley Shows Off new Rods and Line for 2013

780x600_berkley_brandThroughout my time on the water I have watched my father bag fish-after-fish with a Lightning Rod, in recent years this has changed into the Lightning Rod shock series. I’ll be honest I’ve always been more of a higher end rod kind of guy, I like the feeling of Abu Garcia’s Veritas, well Berkley must have heard me because they are releasing interesting products during the 2013 season.

The first is sure to make my father happy, a new Lightning Rod! Berkley presents a Lightning Rod Shock Series rod made specifically for throwing the Berkley Schooling Rig. This one comes in a 7′ 6″ with a Heavy backbone this rod expands on the $55 price point with what is likely to be another hit.

Lightning Rod Shock Series

Next up is the rod I have interest in, the Berkley Stasis. This guy comes with something called the “Berkley LUG System”. This system allows the angler to adjust the balance of the rod by moving a balance ring into five different positions. I can see this coming in handy when getting a precise feel for throwing jigs or Carolina rigging. The rod is available in both spinning and casting. In casting you can pick one up from 6′ 4″ up to 7′ 3″, if spinning is your thing 6′ 6″ to 7′ 4″. This possible game-changer comes in at the $90 price point.

Berkley Statis

If the rods don’t quite tickle your fancy we also have a look at the new NanoFil lines which is now available in low and high visibility which means a little more variety in the already stellar NanoFil lineup. As an added bonus Berkley is also bumping up the options for anglers to pick up 14 and 17 pound test lines.

NanoFil Low Vis

Berkley NanoFil Hi-Vis_alt2

What do you think about these new products? Comment below and let us know!

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