Berkley Power Worm Review

Recently I was reintroduced to an old friend, the 7″ Berkley Power Worm. When I first got into fishing the Power Worm was a must-have but as we grow as anglers we tend to forget the ones that brought us. Getting lost in the latest and greatest is easy, so lets revisit together and see why this old faithful is worthy of a new look.

A 3/8-1/2oz Texas rigged Power Worm can yield quick and impressive results if fished near vegetation.
A 3/8-1/2oz Texas rigged Power Worm can yield quick and impressive results if fished near vegetation.

For years Motor Oil has been the go-to color for newbies and old-timers alike but has essentially faded into obscurity in recent years. The 7″ ribbon-tail also suffered from this “been there done that” problem that plagues many old faithful baits. Berkley has chosen to keep it on and revamp what makes the Power Worm so special.

Berkley has refined their PowerBait formula, ┬áresulting in a more potent scent and more fish in the boat. If you’re not familiar with PowerBait the claim is that the fish hold onto the bait up to 18x better than other baits, and this isn’t something I’d argue against.

Texas rigging is a pig of a way to fish, often weighing the worm and waiting for your line to jump means the potential of missing fish. Think about this, if that fish held onto your worm for an extra 4 seconds for you to reel up the slack and set the hook, wouldn’t that make a world of difference? We’ve played with pitching the Power Worm into a clump of pads, letting it sit until the inevitable “thumb” happens and the fish tries to leave, but they just won’t let go.

Over the years we’ve caught countless fish on this old standby and we trust it day in and day out, so much so that we by them by the 100-pack. If you’re a fan of fishing vegetation with a Texas rig give the new Power Worm a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its versatility.


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