Berkley Havoc – The Jerk Review

The Jerk is not just another twitch bait. As with most of the Havoc line it takes an already popular technique and lets the best professional  fisherman in the world refine it to take it to another level, in the case of The Jerk its Mike Iaconelli that puts his name on this creation.

Crappie on the JerkLet’s take a look at what makes The Jerk work. The size of the bait is near perfect at 5 inches long big enough for big fish and yet small enough not to deter any keeper from devouring it. The lure has a thin spot on the tail to make it wiggle easily and a paddle like tip with a dimple to make sure it moves at a wide range of speeds. The body has enough mass so casting on a bare hook is no problem.

This unique shape allows more control with this twitch bait than most, when twitched it has a more predictable action making it possible to walk the dog with as much or as little side to side as you wish. The tail also opens up many more uses for The Jerk, on a jig head, as a swimbait, on an umbrella rig or even as a dropshot bait.

The jerk can be super effective if you haven’t figured out how the fish want the bait yet, most other flukes are just not Jerkin' Bassvery good at producing on a straight retrieve or high speeds. From burning on the surface to slow twitching below The Jerk does its job well. The pros know all about effectiveness and efficiency and this bait shows that.

The Havoc line allows all of us to fish the lures the pros use at a price that we can all afford. I know the day we spent on the water with The Jerk we felt like pros catching a ton of fish while watching fish eat the bait in the clear water. The Jerk is what you’ll feel on the end of your line once you tie one on.

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