Berkley Gulp! Jig Head Review

Jig heads are a dime a dozen, you see them everywhere you go and every other day there is a new one or six on the market. Berkley has decided to throw their hat in the ring and refreshingly they present something a little different.

Berkley is offering up their Gulp! jig heads in three different styles, all of which are made of a unique composite material. This material, while being unique does come with the side effect of being a little larger than the lead counterpart. Perhaps the biggest draw to these jigs though is that they are designed from the ground up to hold on to that super slippery Gulp! products.

Gulp Jig HeadMy primary head is the Bait Delivery System, this jig has a weight the has a large cup, ending under the head of whatever plastic you’re using. The keeper seems to hold onto swimbaits and grubs very, very well. This has become my go-to swimbait head because of this weight system though, the weight helps to the bait to always run true, even when burned during peak times of the day.

If you’re more of a traditionalist Berkley also has the Minnow head, this is essentially a standard jig system with the composite material and Gulp! Grip Bait Keeper. This jig head is best used with minnow imitations in a vertical jig presentation. For this we love the Gulp! 4” Minnows or the 3” Fish Fry baits.

Finally, we have the Darter heads, these heads are more likely to be your go-to swimbait head due to the more mainstream head design but I find these heads work exceptionally well when twitched with a 4” minnow or Gulp! Crawler.

The jig heads are available in 5 colors, 4 different hook sizes, and usually 3 different weights.

Overall the Gulp! Jigheads aren’t the best on the market for your standard angler if you’re looking to downsize the jig head but if you’re an avid Gulp! fisherman then there isn’t going to be a better jig head to hold onto that pricey piece of bait.

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