Berkley Gulp On Ice

Spending hours infront of a warm heater on a cold day is how we spent our winters here in the state of Michigan. Drilling holes through 12” of ice to pull out a pile of 8-10” bluegills is what it’s all about, but how do you go about getting more fish on ice?

Berkley Gulp Fish FryBerkley Gulp! Is the answer. I’ve caught more panfish year round on Gulp! Products than I have on live bait, sure I might have more time in with Gulp! but that’s primarily because of my success rate. When it comes to the design though there are really two that I swear by.

The most sought after live bait is a mousie, I don’t know about your area but mousies can be nearly impossible to find thankfully though we have Berkley Gulp! Fish Fry! These little guys come in at 1” and feature a waxie body with a thin straight tail which lightly wiggles in the water.

When I rig this up on a jig usually I’ll run it with the tail directly in line with the head of the hook but when the bite gets finicky more often than not I’ll slide it down the shank of the hook and put the tail perpendicular to the head. Moving the bait down the shank seems to give it more of a compact larvae look which means more fish and more often.

The beautiful thing about the Gulp! product line is the longer they sit in one spot the better they work, that may not aid itself too well to summer fishing but for ice it is absolutely dynamite. Give the Gulp! lineup a try and I bet you’ll catch more fish!

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