Bassmaster To Ban Multi-Lure Presentations

Bassmaster announced today that they will be banning multi-lure presentations during Elite Series events and during the Bassmaster Classic events. The rule change will go into effect on February 1st, making it effective for this year’s Classic.

Bassmaster is looking to ban the alabama rigIt is no doubt that this rule change is coming out of Paul Elias using the Alabama rig to win an event back in October but the question I am asking is why? Just about every manufacturer has an umbrella rig. The rule will also ban techniques like jig shotting(drop shotting using a jig as a weight) and double jerkbaiting. This may come as a blow to some anglers but for those of you that are not fishing in the Elite Series or haven’t qualified for the Classic you have no need to worry!

The rule will not apply to events in the Bassmaster Opens, Federation Nation, College B.A.S.S. or other Bassmaster sanctioned events, meaning good news for anglers fishing those events that rely on multi-lure presentations.

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