The Bassmaster Classic experience 2014

The Bassmaster Classic of 2014 is behind us now and we had a great time meeting with friends, family and fans from all over the country. If you ever wanted to meet your favorite professional fisherman this was the place to be, almost everyone was there from the heroes from the past like Bobby Murray and Hank Parker to the young sticks that have yet to hit the big-time.

Legends of fishing are everywhere, it can be quite overwhelming to brush by those guys we have watched for years at every turn. All the pros were more than happy to sign an autograph or trade stories with the fans and truly as humble and gracious as you would hope them to be.

The first thing you can’t help but notice as you walk through the doors are all the signs with the logos of your favorite brands of fishing gear. They are everywhere hanging from the ceiling on every wall and plastered on hundreds of jerseys walking past. The Classic is the best place to be able to get your hands on that new stuff you have been dreaming about all winter. There is nothing like having the most knowledgeable people in the industry explaining their products to you one on one, they are all so very passionate about their products their excitement is contagious.

We at Bad Poncho will be reviewing and testing many of these new products over the next few months. Some of these include; more new additions to the Berkley Havoc line, Berkley Sunglasses, Humminbirds Onix series, Live Target lures, Diawas’ newest reels, Swiftwick socks and many more.

The live shows all day were awesome with interviews and seminars with the biggest names in the industry. Standing just a few feet away from great media personalities like Pat Rose, James Hall and Ken Duke as they do their job getting us all the latest news is incredible. All of the trade shows stuff is just the warm up for the main event.

Of course the main event of the week is the weigh-in for the most anticipated tournament of the year The Bassmaster Classic. The arena is huge and filled with huge video screens and lights just like your favorite rock concert. Dave Mercer, Mark Zona, Tommy Sanders and others get the crowd so fired up it sets up for a atmosphere like a rally or a concert. Crowd participation brings the excitement level to a point bordering on insanity. It is truly a sight to behold; bass fishing has the most passionate fans of any sport ever. Seeing these gladiators of fishing duke it out on the big stage with all the glitz and glitter is something every fan should experience at least once.

Make your plans now to be at the next one you won’t want to miss it. See you there!

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