Bassmaster Classic: Day Three Final Standings

Over the past three days the Bassmaster Classic has been a way of life for us here at Bad Poncho Outdoors, with good reason too.

On day one the Lane brothers looked to show they are both strong anglers that want prove their skills. On day two Chris Lane moved up to first with his brother Bobby down in 4th. The family ties in the Bassmaster Classic are something that will be talked about for years to come even if the brothers didn’t totally rock the leaderboard on day one and two.

The story for us though was watching Dustin Wilks, Aaron Martens, and Brent Chapman do their thing. Throughout the event we heard anglers saying that Aaron kept pulling up and giving them tips, like what bait to use and how to fish it. Aaron was playing a mental game with the guys even if he didn’t know it, personally I think that Aaron is one of the best at getting inside the heads of his competitors. Then you have Dustin Wilks, the guy has been quite during his career even though he has 12 top 10 finishes. Last is Brent Chapman. Brent is a guy that I have been watching on the simple basis of his victory on Lewisville, most guys will carry momentum and either come extremely close to victory or will win again after getting the confidence.

Below is the final standing for the 25 anglers that qualified for day 3.

1 Chris Lane

51- 6

2 Greg Vinson


3 Keith Poche


4 Alton Jones


5 Ott DeFoe


6 Timmy Horton


7 Dustin Wilks


8 Edwin Evers

43- 8

9 Todd Faircloth


10 Bill Lowen


11 Kevin VanDam


12 Aaron Martens


13 David Walker

40- 8

14 Kevin Wirth

40- 8

15 Takahiro Omori

39- 3

16 Keith Combs


17 Davy Hite

38- 8

18 Brent Chapman

38- 5

19 Matt Reed


20 Bobby Lane


21 Jamie Horton


22 Greg Hackney

34- 8

23 Chris Price

34- 0

24 Stephen Browning


25 Josh Polfer

29- 5

A BIG congrats to Chris Lane!

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