Bassmaster Classic: Day One

Throughout day one of the Bassmaster Classic we have spent hours watching the War Room feed and spent those hours being amazed by the effort that goes into everything that is the Bassmaster Classic.

Unfortunely we were not able to make it to the Classic this year but that doesn’t mean that it won’t consume us for the weekend. Thanks to Bassmaster for having the live blog, the feeds and the BASSTrakk that allow us to keep tabs on the anglers throughout the day. The only thing about BASSTrakk is that it can give you false hope by a simple accidental button press.

When my fiancée woke up late this morning and saw that David Walker was in the lead with 18lbs. Naturally I was freaking out since I want to see the guys we are associated with come out and show what they can do, luckily for my picks David didn’t have the 18lbs, instead he only had 16-8 which is still an impressive bag.

Enough of that though, let’s see the top 10!

The top 10 after day one are:

1 Keith Poche


2 Greg Vinson


3 Dustin Wilks

16- 9    

4 David Walker

16- 8

5 Ott DeFoe

16- 6

6 Chris Lane

16- 4

6 Bobby Lane

16- 4

8 Edwin Evers

16- 3

9 Jamie Horton


10 Bill Lowen


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