Bassinova Baits- Buzz’n Blades

Many anglers rely on their spinnerbaits to produce large numbers of fish in a small amount of time. That’s why we all have so many and why so many companies make these type baits. With the number spinnerbaits on the market it can be hard to distinguish one from anotherm Bassinova looked to change that and they did!

Check out the cassinova qualities of the flowing skirt, nothing less than beautiful!

Bassinova baits is a company based out of California, and California knows how to be different. When a lot of companies produce spinnerbaits and buzzbaits they call it good at just painting the heads in a lacksidazical fashion but in California that would just never be good enough. Bassinova baits make a very detailed paint job on their heads but they didn’t leave it at that. They also put a premium paint job on the blades that rival anything on the market, the gorgeous ornate painting that looks more like a baitfish than even the most expensive baits out there. Don’t worry, Bassinova baits strives to provide these premium lures at a price the average angler can afford. Adding onto the premium quality these bad boys use an Owner hook to ensure those green girls don’t get away. With the level of detail that Bassinova puts into these spinnerbaits we can only imagine how their hardbaits stack up in a beauty contest, don’t even worry about performance though because with all of these elements coming together you will be at the podium in no time!.

Become the cassinova of your bass club today by checking out Bassinova Baits!

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