BASS Fantasy Fishing on Bull Shoals

I would like to start off by apologizing for skipping the FLW Fantasy Fishing last week, we had a passing in the family and I was indisposed with the wife, but now it’s back to business and scoring some fantasy fishing points in the Bassmaster series!

The anglers are onto Bull Shoals and they have all agreed, this lake is being difficult! With that being said most of my picks are based on guys that fish the water on a fairly high basis during their time home but we do have a couple exceptions to the rule.

Group A

I chose Alton Jones for this one based mostly on his sight fishing skills, though if the water gets a little dingy Jones knows how to make a fast change to get right back on them. Though Jones hasn’t won on Bull Shoals, in fact he hasn’t placed top ten but with how well his season has started off I would expect to see Jones make the final cut and charge for the AOY this year.

Group B

Mike McClelland is the super-safe bet this week, it’s on his home turf and he traditionally does well this time of year on lakes in Arkansas. The only issue with McClelland is he is a little inconsistent but I’ll take my chances with McClelland and his experience during this time of the year on Bull Shoals.

Group C

James Elam is the new guy on the block and he has made waves in a big way! Good luck tracking down his BASS history because well, he doesn’t have much. Elam was so consistent his first year in the BASS Opens he qualified for the Elites without winning, and being from Tulsa, Oklahoma I’m fairly certain he has friends that know something about Bull Shoals and I have a feeling he’ll shock the rest of the field on the water.

Group D

Scott Ashmore, traditionally Ashmore hasn’t done extremely well on Bull Shoals but he is very excited for the opportunity to fish Bull Shoals during the peak of the spawn and he believes he will do extremely well. Confidence is key in fishing and Ashmore has confidence.

Group E

Bull Shoals ranks as the favorite lake for Kevin Short which hopefully means he’ll be doing well on it. Short is a local guy from Mayflower so we can expect him to have some knowledge of the body of water and some idea of how to catch them during this time of the year.

We didn’t use much science this time around because well, we’ve been burned by overthinking things in the past, this time we went gut feeling and I’m feeling good about it!

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