Bad Poncho Outdoors and DeckMate Seats to Partner for Project Gemini and Future Projects

With Project Gemini underway for the crew at Bad Poncho Outdoors, DeckMate Boat Seats will be a contributing sponsor for the project. DeckMate is a company based out of Elkhart, Indiana and is still owned and operated by the original president, which means a superior service and product to the customers.

DeckMate specializes in high quality marine grade seats, starting originally with, DeckMate has grown to encompass bass boat seats, fish and ski seats, and of course the pedestal seats many anglers use every day on the water. During project Gemini build we will be using DeckMate seats and carpet to showcase the high quality and customizability they add to your favorite rig, we will featuring them on and on their YouTube Channel (

“Being a custom car guy seats are one of the most important things to have in a hot rod” said Robert Taylor III “DeckMate produces seats that we would love to have in everything from our bass boat to our classic cars and trucks.”

As stated prior Project Gemini is the centerpiece for the partnership. Project Gemini goes over the restoration of an older bass boat in order to show anglers that a $70,000 bass rig is not necessary to compete in today’s angling world. Project Gemini takes place using a 1990 Gemini 200DCX bass boat, originally designed by the smallmouth guru Billy Westmoreland, this boat will be reimagined by the Bad Poncho Outdoors team.

For the foreseeable future Project Gemini and Bad Poncho Outdoors will utilize DeckMate products.  These products will be featured in a YouTube series which will be available on the Bad Poncho Outdoors website, YouTube, and also available at via the Project Poncho blog.

DeckMate products can be purchased by visiting the following URLS:

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