Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin

When it comes to venison Michiganders are usually the ones people look to for recipes, it might be because of our sheer number of deer or the amount if meat hunters we have, either way here is one of our favorite recipes.

What You Need:

  • Tenderloins
  • Mrs. Dash Tableblend or favorite spices
  • 1/2lb of bacon
  • Foil
  • 1 Onion of personal preference

Essential what you want do to is to butterfly the tenderloins, this will open it up to allow you to put spices and a slice of bacon inside the loin itself. We did this by using a butcher’s knife to make quick work of the tender meat.

Next up is the onion, you want to dice the onion up, I like my onions to have a bit size to them, I feel as though it gives more flavor to the meat. Before putting the diced onion into the butterflied tenderloin you first want to lay a piece of bacon down inside of it. The bacon will not get crispy, it will instead give a rich salty flavor and will more-or-less meld into the tenderloin. Put the onions on that piece of bacon, sprinkle your Mrs. Dash and close it up!

The bacon and onion inside give a blend of flavors that are must-haves for any outdoorsman.

Next up is to wrap that sucker in bacon! Who in their right mind doesn’t love bacon inside of venison inside of more bacon! The bacon holds itself on there pretty well though if you feel the need twine can be beneficial.

Wrapping it in bacon and adding even more Mrs. Dash will ensure the salty, fatty goodness will be through the entire piece of tendrloin.

Once you are ready to wrap them up in some foil do so and prepare the grill! I set mine for around 475 and let it sit for around 30 minutes inside the grill with the flame on either side of the foil, flipping half way through will help to keep it from getting burnt.

My personal preference is the grill though in this aspect we are using it like an oven so an oven may also do the job just as well and may even be easier to control the temperature.

Last up is to let it sit for a couple minutes and eat!

The meat bakes inside the foil and steams itself, this keeps everything super moist and delicious!

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