Assassinator Crank Spin Buzz: A Whole New Catagory

A lot of companies claim innovations in spinner and buzzbaits; very few deliver significant differences from what is already available, until Assassinator baits is considered. Assassinator brings their clacker spinner-baits and now the Crank-Spin-Buzz to the table. In all honesty we were more than a little skeptical about the crank-spin-buzz, that is until we got it in our hands and in the water. All we can say now is “Wow this lure system is incredible!”

Let’s talk about the individual lures first. The base for the system is the lipped jig-head. The jig alone is quite innovative with its spoonbill lip that produces a wobble like no other swim jig you have ever fished. You will be able to make this jig wobble very wide at slower speeds than you will ever believe until you try it. The jig comes in a dozen killer two or three tone scale pattern colors from natural to dark and even bright loud colors. The skirts are just the right length and thickness to give maximum action, and action is what these are all about.

The spinner portion of this lure gives you the traditional flash we all are looking for, along with something you will not get from any other spinnerbait period. The extra that you get is a side to side wobble. Most spinnerbaits if not all, have very little side-to-side action, this lure has a lot of this little seen triggering action. The other plus with this system is with the head separate from the frame doesn’t allow a fish to get much leverage to throw the hook. When dropping this lure the long shaft keeps the hook from hanging on the blade which is a major problem with some well-known deep water spinnerbaits.

The buzzer is one of the easiest to throw, which can present problem with some buzzers. A flowing skirt is all well and good but when was the last time you saw the jig part of your buzzbait do a full on hula dance? Probably never. Right now you don’t have to settle for anything less. How often do you get a buzzbait fish close to the boat just to watch him throw it in your face, probably often. Fish stay on this lure better than any other buzzer I have ever fished, and that is saying something. Similar to the regular Assassinator buzzbait there is a good amount of room between the blade and hook giving a better chance of hooking the fish in the first place.

Now for the fun stuff, how we tend to fish this system. I love to fish to buzz, so that is what I start with whenever the conditions allow. That being said, I will always have the jig tied on for those times when a short strike occurs. We get a very high percentage of these short strikers by dropping the same or similar colored jig near the offending bass. I have found fish that let a straight running spinner pass them by without even looking will follow or pounce on the wide wobble lure without hesitation. This lure has an action that has rarely seen in any water but the ¾ ounce in the deep is magical. Usually people stop fishing their buzzbaits once the sun is fully up in the midday sky but I catch fish in and around shallow cover all day long, even with bright skies. The nice thing with this bait is if you feel the need to change the color of the lure just clip on another jig and keep fishing.

I am not the only one that loves this lure, the man that told me I should check it out was Jake Davis of Mid-South Bass Guide and he fishes every day and must catch fish to keep his clients coming back. If that’s not enough to get you to give them a try they are also endorsed by Outdoors with Joey Mines, who is not just a TV personality but a well-respected guide himself. I may not be the smartest fisherman but I am smart enough to listen to those who fish for a living. Our experience with this lure has been nothing but positive and we will be using them a lot more next year once the ice is gone.

You can find these innovative products at Bad Poncho Outdoors store or at Assassinator baits web-site and hopefully at a store near you soon.

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