Angler’s Spring Break: Alabama – Day Two

With day one behind us we were wiped, it has been 5 months since the last time our line has seen water so we weren’t exactly use to being out on the lake. Day two rolled around and we woke up sore, tired, and eager to fish. This was made so easy by being able to wake up in the morning, get around, walk down to the lobby and get picked up by the guide. Today’s guide was Jake Davis of Mid South Bass Guide, talk about a guy dedicated to getting anglers on fish!

Bad Poncho in action!

First thing in the morning we met up with a chase boat and off we went! Making a bit of a runs through all kinds of crazy stuff, the boat itself only amplifies the guide’s boating skills. ¬†When we got into a stump field, Jake handed us a couple of Duckett rods, one with a Tightline Gunterville Special jig, the other with a scrounger. We worked those baits hard for a little bit with no luck, the chase boat however got a couple on creature baits. The day went on like this for a little while, but Jake never gave up, he kept trying new and different patterns to find out what was going on with the bass. The best thing about the day though is this; even though we had difficulty getting on them, it really didn’t matter, Jake just keeps the confidence going.

A large male, 7.55lb

Later in the day we hooked up on a few good fish, all within rather rapid succession even. Once we got back up toward the marina we got a few, one on an Excalibur XR50, two on the Tight Line jig. We even boated an epic 7.55lb Largie male, not too often you see males get that big!


The 7 pounder was an excellent way to end a tough day out on the water. Even though it was a tough day being able to use the Duckett rods that Jake has on deck made a big difference, especially when trying to coax a bass into the boat. If you ever want to get down to Alabama and hit Guntersville you want the hardest working guide out there, Jake Davis.

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