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I would like to thank you for your interest in supporting Bad Poncho Outdoors. We are a constantly growing company and your support is crucial to keep us going! We are best known for our product reviews and lake reports, though we are expanding to encompass more of the outdoor industry every week. If you have questions about the content below please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Robert Taylor III
Office: 269-349-9114
Cell: 269-377-8350

Website Banner
Per Month Basis
468×60 Under Header $35/month
200×75 Right Panel $25/month
Per Year Basis
468×60 Under Header $385/yr 8% Saving
200×75 Right Panel $285/yr  5% Saving

Bad Poncho Oudoors Jersey 2013
Slot 1 4″x4″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 2 4″x4″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 3 7″x3″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 4 7″x3″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 5 7″x3″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 6 7″x3″ Mid-Jersey
Slot 7 4″x1″ Chest
Slot 8 4″x1″ Chest
Slot 9 4″x4″ Chest
Slot 10 5″x5″ Shoulders

Please do note that your logo would be on TWO jerseys.

Product Reviews

As I stated earlier product reviews are a very large part of what we do, those articles though consist of product hype. Our policy is this, if we have something negative to say we will tell YOU not the consumer because it may be an issue on the single unit or a problem with how the product is being used. All we ask for is product!

We do have a strong presence in the Kalamazoo area, which as you surely know is KVD territory and home to over 100 bass tournaments a year. Though our reach extends far past Kalamazoo having a hometown following is something we are proud of due to the simple fact of who else we are compared to, with anglers like Kevin VanDam, Jonathon VanDam, and Mark Zona its amazing our local following is close to theirs! This means to you that your product gets to be known in this area which results in a higher potential of sales.

Local Events

Not only are we writings and anglers but we also run local tournaments here in West Michigan. The 2012 season proved to be a strong one for us and our supporters, the majority of companies that supported us did show a positive increase in sales in the area at local retail outlets. We are asking for $350 per event to sponsor the events. Your company would be the sole sponsor for that specific event, meaning the event would be “Brand X Bass Tournament” or some other catchy title sponsorship name. Last year sole open event drew 24 anglers but was viewed by thousands on our website and partner sites.