Accu-Cull When The Livewell Is Full

Every tournament angler needs a culling system. Being a tournament fisherman myself I am always looking for a better way to cull; over the years I have used many systems, mostly because they have all been lacking in some way or another. Accu-Cull has done a great job filling in the gaps where the others are lacking. As tournament anglers what we are looking for in a culling system is accuracy and speed, Accu-Cull has really hit the mark on these points and in a modular system to boot. BRAVO!

The Accu-Cull System implements three very important elements and blends them all to give the angler the upper-hand when time matters most.

The Scale: Every angler at one point, whether they catch many fish or just a few will want to see what a fish weighs. Accu-Cull decided close just isn’t good enough anymore, their scale weighs to the 100th of a pound. With accuracy like that it should eliminate any problems with close fish. As if accuracy wasn’t enough they still loaded this scale with many other features. The blue backlight works great making the weights easy to see which means less chance of a mistake along with quicker acquisition. There are even a couple of features we didn’t even know we wanted until we used them, the non-slip rubber handle is a nice touch, how about a magnet to hold the hook, ok, I like that too. Don’t bother looking for your tape measure because it’s in the scale, a full 38 inches worth of tape. By now you have got to be thinking they thought of everything and I would have to agree. The Accu-Cull scale still has another surprise for us it tells the temperature in Celsius and Farenheight, weights in pounds and kilos, and measures in inches and centimeters. Wow! The most accurate with the most usable features this one is an easy choice.

The Register: Accu-Cull was never going to be happy with a white board or notebook to record your fish weights. The register offered by Accu-Cull mounts conveniently under the livewell lid right where you want it. Just as with the scale this unit records to the 100th of a pound. Easy to set and see weights up to 9.99 pounds this should be plenty, even Kevin doesn’t cull ten pounders. With 7 slots there is enough room for team tournaments or other special circumstances. The 7 slots are colored and numbered so you can use the tags you already have but you might want to check out the Accu-Cull tags also.

The Accu-Cull System in action! Everything is easily stored in one location, under the livewell lid!

The Tags: Two types of clips are available from Accu-Cull metal and plastic. The metal clips are a fairly traditional no fail style but the plastic are an option for those of us who don’t want to put another unnecessary hole in the fish. Both styles are fitted with brightly colored floating surgical tubing no way to tangle and easy to find in the tank another hit from Accu-Cull.

Accu-Cull has made the best culling system we have seen, whether you get the whole kit or get it in parts you won’t be disappointed. I can see this in my boat for a long time to come or at least until Accu-Cull comes out with more features that I don’t know I need yet. Highly recommended for ease of use and accuracy this one will be hard to beat.

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