A Quick Change To The Advantage Lineup

We have been taking advantage of the EFT technology from Advantage baits for about a year now and will continue using them for the upcoming season. The new and improved lures arrived a couple of days ago and they have added two improvements. The most easily noticeable change is a nifty quick change system for the blades. That’s right I did say blades both blades can now be easily changed without destroying the lure.

Advantage SpinnerbaitThe main blade was always changeable but it took some effort, with the new system a clasp has been added so you can change the blade with no tools in five seconds. A quick blade change can make all the difference in the world if the cloud cover changes during an outing. Tournament anglers of all levels will be making the best of this feature to increase their catches this season.

The secondary blade being on a quick change clevis is what I’m most excited about, because it’s a feature not found in many spinnerbaits on the market today. We will often trick out a spinner with an off colored blade to get more strikes. Without the special clevis the process of changing the small blade is time consuming and weakens the lure significantly. Trying to change that blade twice on the same bait will almost always result in a severely compromised lure. It will be nice to be able to experiment with different combinations without sacrificing a favorite lure. Again that means a big advantage to those using the Advantage line of products.

Once you add the new stuff to the already stellar product this one’s a no brainer. Let’s see they have the best skirts, awesome paint, killer eyes, high quality wire frame, a great hook and the most advanced blades available all with a quick change system you might think wow that’s enough, but there is more. The price has dropped resulting in a more affordable product! The popularity of this line of spinnerbaits has skyrocketed and they are not done yet very soon I’ll be back to tell you about more new products.

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