A Little Soul Food From Jackall

Time keeps marching on and companies keep punching out the same bait, while some are classics there are some that need updating. On the other side of that coin you have companies like Jackall that keep producing hot new revolutionary tackle; the Soul Shad is no different.

The long bill allows you to easily slide the Soul Shad over the rocks, creating a heavy disturbance in the water.

This little guy comes in a 2.7″ variety and is offered in six colors. The thing with these baits are that they are just flat out gorgeous, which can make it had to throw, but when you do all is forgotten. The Soul Shad offers some of Jackall’s craziest ideas, AND THEY WORK!

The Soul Shad uses Jackall’s specially designed magnetic weight system, this allows for superior casting distance. The beautiful thing about the system is that it doesn’t only aid in casting, it also provides a perfect balancing act due to how to metal ball moves around inside the lure. As if that isn’t enough for you then think about this, over in Japan this is just called a “Shad Style” bait because it combines characteristics of a crankbait and a jerkbait.

Take a look at the beautiful paint this guy is sporting, something of legend!

Imagine yourself tossing this thing across the lake then being able to reel it in with a wide variety of retrievals. The ability to retreive it in a variety of ways will allow you to change it up on the fly to trigger those stubborn fish. Once you do trigger those fish Jackall came up with a brilliant body design, they had the inside to make the body get slimmer as it goes back which causes the mouth to slide down the body and meet the razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

While the technical stuff is all well and good, the cool thing about this gem is that it is perfect for multiple species. I personally will be using this with a wire leader because you know that no self-respecting northern will let the Soul Shad just swim on by, not to mention the walleye.

Jackall keeps rolling out new and innovative baits; the Soul Shad is just another step for their mad scientists. This will be the soul food you need to trigger a variety of species, pick up yours while you still can!

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