A Hero Retires: Denny Brauer Retiring from Fishing Major Tournaments

This past week has been full of mixed news for the fishing industry; I feel the most important news though happens to be Denny Brauer retiring from BASS competition.

Denny Brauer is one of those guys people just seem to be polarized to, something about him put him on the map early in his career. I feel as though he wasn’t just a great angler in his career but also a great person in general, the people I have spoken to that know him personally have never said a bad thing about him, in fact they would often go into a chuckle ramble when speaking about Denny, I suppose that says a lot about a person.

I have a funny feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Denny on TV, especially since he isn’t going to give up on Major League Fishing events. Denny fished major tournaments for 32 years, he has earned his retirement, the question going forward in my mind is will he enjoy his retirement or will he get the itch to come back for just one more season, then one more season, then just one more.

We wish the best of luck to Denny in all of his future endeavors, he left his tournament angling legacy in good hands with Chad, especially since now Chad has Denny to help him at every turn if need be.

Now Denny, get out there and film some trips on Amistad!

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