Lake Report: Gun Lake – Orangeville, Michigan

Gun Lake
Orangeville, MI

With cold front condions we headed out not expecting much but dad has his new popper out and it was time to try it, well it worked! With winds of 10mph and some waves we

were able to use our poppers to produce a decent bag.

Early in the trip we were throwing a Bill Norman lipless and a Firetiger Cotton Cordell 1/2 lipless and produced a few but the largemouth seemed to take the poppers HARD when they connected, often rolling over on them. Due to the “Papa Popper” being in testing this version only had one treble hook, while it did work sometimes there was times where to fish hit the front and we lost them.

Late in the trip we rounded out our day by getting a ton of rock bass on the Jackall popper and the Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug. Almost every one of the rock bass came in between 10 and 10.5″ but this lake can produce larger fish.

We did miss a couple Walleye and what looked like a Pike, hard to tell due to talking to eachother and the splash the creature gave off. Overall we had a blast, get out there and get some fish!

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