35 miles of Kalamazoo River Re-opened after Oil Spill

696 days after a near tragic oil spill on the Kalamazoo River from Marshal all the way down to the Morrow Dam 35 miles have been re-opened as of Thursday 6-21-12. The Morrow Lake area is the only area still closed with no word on an exact date for the lake to open for public use as of yet. Many studies have been done and are still going on but the outlook is favorable at this point in time. The word is that there is no worry of long term or any other real dangers from contact with the water in the affected areas other than possible minor skin irritation if left oil is found.

Most people using the river will not even notice that the spill ever existed. Kayaks were on the river as soon as the water was opened as people are anxious to put this spill behind us. Eating fish out of this section of river is probably not a good idea but you don’t need to be afraid to get out and fish on a catch and release basis. We would love to see the river being used to its full potential again. As soon as Morrow Lake is open we at Bad Poncho Outdoors will let you know because we will be there testing the waters for fishing. Morrow Lake has been an awesome fishery for many years and can’t wait to see it full of fishing boats again.

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