Preseason Scouting Tips with Mossy Oak Pro Staff Bucky Hauser

Bucky Hauser

Bucky Hauser is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. He was born and raised in North Carolina. His father was a great role model and introduced him to the outdoors and deer and turkey hunting at an early age.

After college, Bucky entered the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s Officer Training program. He worked for three years as a Game Warden in North Carolina. During this time he was stationed in western North Carolina and initiated wildlife management programs on several local farms. However, the long hours of working through the hunting season made it difficult to find time to enjoy the outdoors.

Bucky decided to venture into business for himself. He now owns Hidden By Design – a 3D Fluid Graphics Company. Bucky, his wife and two daughters now live in Claudville, Virginia.

Bucky is also a Pro Staff member for Bowtech and Quaker Boy.

With more manageable working hours, Bucky has found time to travel, hunting across the country and Canada. He now spends much of his free time hunting with his daughters, scouting for the next hunt or helping someone else prepare for their hunts.

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