The Angler’s Lodge: Home Away From Home

If you are an avid bass fisherman you probably have a list of locations you want to fish in your life. With its reputation for huge numbers and heavy bags at the weigh-ins Amistad has got to be on everybody’s top ten. With The Angler’s Lodge near Del Rio, Texas this dream trip is more accessible than you might think.

A lodge with this kind of tackle store, yeah, I think I have a new home.

There are a lot of things you have to think about when planning a fishing trip away from home. First off is where to stay; this is all important since it sets up all of the other issues you need to consider like what to do with your boat and how to charge it up after a long day of fishing. This is all we can usually hope for in lodging but The Angler’s Lodge offers this and a whole lot more. All just minutes from the parking lot to the lake.

The Angler’s Lodge can also take care of your need to eat. I know I don’t want to go too far out of my way to eat when I am thinking about fishing. It doesn’t get more convenient than having a café right where you are going to be at breakfast and lunch time anyway. With a full menu you really could eat right there for the duration of your trip. And with prices like any other café and not those of a resort why not eat “home cooked meals”. Warm sausage gravy and biscuits a few feet from your room is much better than going out of your way for a McAnything!

At this point I’m thinking sounds like a nice trouble free relaxing vacation but like they say on the TV infomercials there’s more. We still need to talk to Carl in his well-stocked tackle store. Not only can he fill you in on what’s happening on the lake but he makes many of the lakes best producing lures himself. Carl his wife and all the staff do what they can to make you feel comfortable, so much so that when you come back it will feel like you’re coming home. Many of my best stories start with “I was talking to the guy at the bait shop and he said”,  so take the time to meet these friendly people. It can help turn a nice trip into something you will always remember.

With this kind of convenience I was expecting to pay a premium price but that’s not the case the cost is low enough to make it worth a stay several times a year. The rooms have at least two double beds so you won’t have to cuddle with your buddy and you can rest well for the next day’s adventures. Once you decide it is time to check Amistad off your bucket list you will want to book with The Angler’s Lodge so you don’t get stuck having to stay somewhere else.

The Anglers Lodge

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