2014 New Rapala Ice Fishing Gear

Not only does Rapala® make the world’s best lures, but it also makes industry-leading accessories to complement any excursion on the ice. New for next winter are two new slush scoops, a Charge-N-Glow Rod Mount and a Titanium Spring Bobber.


Mega Scoop
A large fold-in model, the new Rapala Mega Scoop removes the maximum amount of slush with the minimum amount of effort. At 34 inches, it’s just the right length to allow anglers to scoop a hole without bending over. Additional features include a 30-inch ruler on the handle and an adjustable wrist lanyard.
Suggested retail price: $17.99


Retractable Mega Scoop
Designed to remove the slush from your holes with unrivaled ease, the handle of Rapala’s new Retractable Mega Scoop extends from 15 to 34 inches, eliminating the need to bend over. Extremely lightweight for a fold-in model, this is the scoop of choice for ice trollers who stay on the move. It comes ready for action with a convenient adjustable wrist lanyard.
Suggested retail price: $34.99


Charge-N-Glow Rod Mount

A big idea in a small package, the new Rapala Charge-N-Glow Rod Mount attaches directly to your rod handle for quick and convenient charging of glow baits. Its powerful ultraviolet LEDs deliver peak brightness to give your glow baits a maximum charge. Its compact design allows anglers to fish like it’s not even there.
Suggested retail price: $14.99


Titanium Spring Bobber
With Rapala’s new Titanium Spring Bobber, it’s easy to add unmatched sensitivity to any ice rod. Featuring a snap-back titanium design that will not kink or break, the Spring Bobber also boasts adjustable tension and a high-visibility indicator bead that telegraphs even the lightest of bites. The Rapala Titanium Spring Bobber is designed to fit most ice rods.
Suggested retail price: $14.99 (2 pack)

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