2014 Bassmaster Classic Expo Update

Tonight marks the end of the first day of the Bassmaster Classic, and what a long day it was for media!

Berkley Powerbait Fight'n BugArriving at the event at a bright and early 10:30am after spending all day yesterday fishing and last night trying to find a watering hole within walking distance it was a rough morning to say the least. We went down for breakfast expecting anglers only to be greeted by college girls and their “chaperons”, luckily after they filtered out the fishermen started to slowly poor out of their rooms and scavenge what was left of the waffles and coffee.

After a quick breakfast and a long conversation we prepared for the day with additional caffeine and headed out. Walking into the expo itself you’re quickly greeted by our friends at the Humminbird/Minn-Kota booth, the big thing this year is the showcasing of the Talons and the all-new Onix unit. The features to note with the Onix is the crosstouch interface which should change the way we use electronics in a drastic way, well that and the keypad which is something we’ve all been begging for.

Beyond that is the Berkley booth. A few weeks ago we broke the new about the new Powerbait Fight’n Bug, Rib Shad, and the Havoc Boss Dog and well, its finally officially public! Beyond that there really isn’t a ton we can report on, we will however be updating y’all tomorrow with a few more marine products and hopefully some more tackle if we can get our hands on them!

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